Thursday, January 8, 2009

Video: Rep. Dan Greenberg visits with the Tolbert Report (UPDATE)

This evening I had the opportunity to visit with State Representative Dan Greenberg. Rep. Greenberg discussed the “Open Checkbook Bill” - HB1053 - which he filed today along with several other bills dealing with government transparency. I have to say that as an Arkansas political blogger, I wholeheartedly support putting all the state’s expenses on an online searchable database. Rep. Greenberg also gives a preview of the upcoming legislative session discussing what he believes will be two key issue: the newly minted state lottery and the state trauma system.

UPDATE – Attorney General Dustin McDaniel must have watched the video of my interview and figured out that one of Rep. Greenberg’s bills – HB1049 - would give him more work to do. So, he quickly got on the phone with Arkansas Democrat Gazette to whine about it.

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