Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kristin Fisher’s “Choose Your News”

I have not had much of a chance to blog lately but hopefully I will be able to start it up again soon. I did want to add a small note to let you know that I added Kristin Fisher’s blog on her KATV “Choose Your News” website. It is neat so check it out if you have a chance. Fisher explains how it works:

Every night on Nightside, the anchors will announce three story ideas (email all suggestions to kfisher@katv.com). Then you will have until then end of Daybreak to vote on what you think my assignment should be for the day. The winning assignment will be announced shortly before 7 AM and then I will get to work.

Now here's the fun part. Throughout the day, you will be able to watch what it takes to put together a story for the evening news via live streaming web cams, blogs, and twitters. From making the morning rounds of phone calls to conducting interviews (even the horribly tedious task of primping before a live shot), you can see the story unfold as it happens. You can also help shape the coverage by emailing me throughout the day about who I should talk to, what angle I should take, and what questions you would like answered. The sum of our efforts - the finished product - will air in our 6 PM newscast.

I look forward to having a daily conversation with all of you. Hope you enjoy...

Today was really my first day to explore it. My fellow blogger in crime David Kinkade will appear on Fisher’s live web interview segment called the “Daily Debrief” this evening from 6:15 to 6:40. Make sure a tune in to watch the man that Max Brantely has dubbed Arkansas most handsome blogger. What an honor!

UPDATE - The “Daily Debriefing” was delayed due to technical difficulties but once it starting it was fun to watch. It is shot on Fisher’s webcam at her desk so it has a cool low-tech quality to it, sort of the “Wayne’s World” of the Little Rock news shows. And for me, that is a compliment. In the picture at the right, Fisher shows Kinkade how to vote for what he wants to “choose” for his “news” for her to cover tomorrow. The choices are the progress of the new KATV tower, Christmas decorations at the state capital, or the new windmill industry in Arkansas. Kinkade laments that the choices are rather boring but finally votes for Christmas at the capital, as this is the shortest drive from Fisher's office. What a gentleman!

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