Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fisher v. Brummett: Rumble in the Rock!

Tonight is the Arkansas Blogging Event of the year. An event bigger than the Kinkade-Rutherford joint appearance on Unconventional Wisdom. Bigger than The Tolbert Report goes to St. Paul. Even bigger than Max Brantley pronouncing Kinkade the best looking blogger in the state.

Tonight our own new media darling Kristin Fisher takes on old media bully John Brummett within the epicenter of the old media establishment’s world, the Arkansas Press Association building. Finally, Fisher will put to rest Brummett’s tireless campaign to discredit the "Choose your News" segment of KATV.

To see Fisher tame the media lions, come on down to the Arkansas Press Association building at 7:00 PM at 411 S. Victory St. in downtown Little Rock. Or you can watch it through the miracle of the new media on Fisher website. I will also be packing my flip camera for tonight so check back here tonight or in the morning for video highlights.

UPDATE - Fisher twitters that she needs more questions to ask Brummett at the 6:15 pre-show debate, also know as the Daily Debrief. Please email her at kfisher@katv.com. Also, Lance Turner agrees with me that after tonight everything you know about the Arkansas news media will change and lays down the ground rules for the rumble.