Monday, November 17, 2008

Senate Chooses Committees; Lottery Bill is the First Bill Filed

The Arkansas Senate met today for “Freshmen Orientation and Organization.” It is just me or does this sound like my old college days. Anyway, Senator Elect Joyce Elliot was elected the majority leader and Sen. Kim Hendren was elected the minority leader. Someone who knows Arkansas legislative history, check me on this, but is this the first time an African-American female has been elected the Arkansas Senate Majority Leader? Listed below is how the Senate Committee membership fell out (credit to Max at Ark Times). In the picture, you can see the high tech system the Arkansas Senate uses for tracking the committee assignments.

In other legislative activity, today was the first day for pre-filed bills for the upcoming session. The first bill filed was HB 1002, sponsored by House Majority Leader Rep. Robbie Wills, Rep. Gregg Reep, and Rep. Bruce Maloch, dealing with the freshly passed state lottery. It has hardly any detail yet so I am sure this will serve as the starting point to move the legislation. But HB 1002 will be one to quickly add to your bill tracker. I wonder what this says about the upcoming session when this is the first bill filed.

Senate Committees

Public Health, Welfare and Labor
Malone – chair; Steele - vice chair; Laverty; Pritchard; Crumbly; Bledsoe; Baker; Horn

Revenue and Taxation
Miller – chair; Glover - vice chair; Trusty; Smith; Capps; Teague; Faris; Altes

Jeffress, Jimmy – chair; Bryles - vice chair; Hendren; Broadway; Jeffress, Gene; Salmon; Key; Elliott

Wilkinson – chair; Whitaker - vice chair; Johnson, David; Luker; Madison; Taylor; Thompson; Wilkins

Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development
Luker – chair; Taylor - vice chair; Wyatt; Whitaker; Jeffress, Jimmy; Broadway; Jeffress, Gene; Salmon

Insurance and Commerce
Horn – chair; Wilkins - vice chair; Johnson, Bob; Altes; Bookout; Miller; Malone; Smith

City, County and Local Affairs
Madison – chair; Thompson - vice chair; Steele; Crumbly; Johnson, David; Bledsoe; Key; Elliott

State Agencies and Governmental Affairs
Faris – chair; Baker - vice chair; Wilkinson; Bryles; Hendren; Laverty; Glover; Pritchard

Transportation, Technology and Legislative Affairs
Capps – chair; Trusty - vice chair; Johnson, Bob; Bookout; Wyatt; Teague

Joint Budget Senate co-chair – Baker; Vice chair - Smith

Legislative Audit Senate co-chair – Glover; Vice chair - Pritchard

Legislative Council Senate co-chair – Wilkins; Vice chair Faris

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Mark White said...

I think you're right about Sen. Elliott -- in fact, I think she's the first female to serve as Senate Majority Leader. Of course, she was preceded by Sen. Tracy Steele, also African-American, but I don't know if he was the first. I know Jerry Jewell was the first African-American Pro Tem, but I don't remember if he ever served as majority leader.

It's not often I get to show off my extensive collection of useless legislative arcana.