Friday, November 14, 2008

Mike Huckabee to be on ABC's "The View" on Tuesday

Gov. Mike Huckabee will be on ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday, November 18 which is also the day his new book “Do the Right Thing” is released. It should be interesting to see how the ladies of “The View” respond. Gov. Huckabee always does well on this type of show and I am sure this will be no exception. I predict he will have them all giggling like crazy by the end of the show. In Central Arkansas, “The View” airs on KATV at 10:00 AM, so set your DVR's. If I can find the YouTube of this, I will try to post it here on Tuesday.

On a related note, I will buy a cup of coffee to whomever comes up with the best caption for this picture of Bill Clinton on "The View."


Jason Tolbert said...

An anonymous lawmaker submitted the following caption... "At least this big..."

Bill Smith said...

Suggested caption,

Clinton presents his View: "Yes, I had may hands on her ---, but we did not have sex!"