Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kelly Eichler Race Still Up in the Air

Kelly Eichler's race for Arkansas State Representative District 38 is still up in the air. Sources within the Eichler Campaign report that their numbers show them up by two votes while the John Edwards Campaign has him up by five votes. The Pulaski County website is reporting John Edwards up by 71 but evidentially this does not include the absentee ballots. With a razor thin margin of about .02%, you can count on this one heading for a recount!

UPDATE – According to Rep. Steve Harrelson at Under the Dome, after counting the remaining absentee ballots, Edwards now leads by 74 votes with 7,044 votes to Eichler’s 6,970 votes. This means the current margin is 0.53% with the provisional ballots and eight days remaining to receive military absentee ballots.

UPDATE II - The Eichler Campaign has confirmed that the number reported above is the current official count and has asked for a recount which they expect the Pulaski County Election Commission will conduct on November 18.

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