Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chip Saltsman's Plan for Republican Victory

This week, Chip Saltsman sent out a letter to the members of the National Republican Committee outlining his plan for Republican victory and making his case as to why he is the best candidate to lead this plan. Saltsman states, “Our state and local party committees will have to be strengthened. New technologies will have to be adopted and implemented. Strategic and tactical adjustments will have to be made. And all this will have to be done before the all-important 2010 mid-term election.” Saltsman claims that the road to “resurgence must begin with a return to our longstanding ideals of principled conservatism and fiscal responsibility.” In order to get out their message, the Party must build upon new media and develop new tactics. In addition Saltsman holds that Republicans “must take the ‘members only’ sign off the clubhouse and replace it with a welcome mat.”

Saltsman carefully lays out each part of his six part plan involving: appealing to the center-right majority, strengthen state parties, investing in new technologies, implementing outreach programs, creating new fundraising efforts, and creating a new opposition research group. I could not agree more with Saltsman's plan; he gets it! Even if Chip is not elected RNC Chairman (as he should be), I hope the powers that be within the Republican Party will take his advice and put this plan into action.

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