Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Impact of Hillary Clinton's Speech on Arkansas

It will be interesting to see what the impact of Hillary Clinton’s speech last night and Bill Clinton’s speech tonight will have on the Natural State. Although Sen. McCain has a sizable lead in the Arkansas opinion polls, the Clintons still carry a great deal of favorability with many voters. Will the Clintons rally their die hard supporters to now support Sen. Obama as Hillary Clinton implored?

The friends I have spoken with this morning spoke about what a great job Hillary did last night. However, their reaction was that of “Oh, how I wish she was the nominee. I would definitely be voting for her, but I am still not sure about Obama.” I think Hillary accomplished what she set out to accomplish. She gave a great speech and formally endorsed Obama. But at least here in Arkansas, it seems that she only further endeared herself to her supporters and not to this year’s Democratic Presidential nominee. I predict this sentiment will only grow after Bill Clinton’s speech tonight especially when contrasted against tonight’s speech from Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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