Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video: TV Ad from Tobacco Tax Increase Opponents; Bill Narrowly Passes Committee

As I mentioned a couple day ago, FreedomWorks is running tv ads here is Arkansas opposing proposed increase in the tax on tobacco. Above is their ad "Enough is enough" which encourages the viewer to call their Senator to oppose the tax.

In related news, the tax increase, HB1204, narrowly passed the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee this morning. As expected, Senators John Paul Capps, Steven Faris, Bobby Glover, and Paul Miller all voted for the bill. The swing vote was Senator Larry Teague although most people believed he would end up voting for the bill as he did this morning.

The Arkansas Times reports that the main excitement from the committee was an amendment that Sen. Terry Smith tried to introduce but was blocked by the committee. If successful, the amendment would have meant the bill would have had to go through the house again and battle for the 75 vote mark once more. Also, of note, were the no votes cast by Sen. Terry Smith and Sen. Sharon Trusty (Sen. Denny Altes would have voted no but was absent.) This is important to help get a tally for votes on the Senate floor where 27 out of 35 Senate votes are needed.

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