Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video: President Bill Clinton at the Arkansas Capital on Obama’s Stimulus Plan

President Bill Clinton visits with the press at the Arkansas State Capital after addressing a joint session of the state legislature. He said he is enjoying his visit back to Arkansas and discusses the changes he sees at the capital since his term as governor. He compliments the state of Arkansas for their management of the budget during a difficult economic time saying that this has placed Arkansas in a advantageous position compared to many other states.

He went on to discuss his support for Obama’s stimulus plan saying “It is a bridge over troubled waters but is not the end all and be all. We have got to get the banks lending. This is a private economy.” He went on to say, “The stimulus will carry us through until the private financial system starts to work again.”

He concluded by saying, “We got a plan that will fix it. And we all just need to get up everyday and not get into a deep pessimism about this. It’s a terrible thing but we will get through it.”

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