Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rep. Mark Martin is Off His Marble

Kinkade already beat me to this one. But Rep. Mark Martin has joined the ranks of the Blogging Legislators. Several Legislators currently blog including House Speaker Robbie Wills, Sen. Larry Teague, Rep. Bubba Powers, and the grandfather of them all Rep. Steve Harrelson’s Under the Dome. As far as I can tell, Rep. Martin is the first Republican to join the club, other than Rep. Dan Greenberg’s occasional posts on The Arkansas Project.

Martin’s blog is called “Off the Marble” which he says has two meanings.

“Off the Marble” in this case means two things. First, I intend for the blog to be a source of news and commentary coming off or from the state capitol. Second, it is intended for those who are not on the marble - those grassroot Arkansans who are off the marble.”

Martin is no stranger to the new media. In fact, he was one of the first exclusive interviews of “The Tolbert Report” during the Republican National Convention. He also has been twittering for some time now.

Want to find out more about these “High Tech Lawmakers?” Well, you are in luck because that is the topic of Jessica Dean’s “Choose your News” story on KATV today. Log on to her website to follow this story all day long and then tune in tonight as Rep. Harrelson takes you behind the scenes of the capital on the Daily Debrief.

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