Thursday, February 12, 2009

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Passes the House; Six Most Liberal Representatives Vote No

The bill to ban partial birth abortions in Arkansas passed the house this afternoon by an overwhelming majority vote of 84 to 6. Thank you to these 84 Representatives, Republican and Democrat alike, who voted for this bill.

Winning the award for the six most liberal Democrats in the House were those voting against banning this barbaric procedure. Representatives Otis Davis, Lindsley Smith, “Bubba” Powers, David Rainey, Gene Shelby, and Kathy Webb all voted no. If one of these legislators represents you, make sure and take note that they are in the most extreme element of the pro-abortion politicians.

The bill now heads to the Senate where it is expected to meet little opposition.

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gary said...

A great tree will fall by many small chops. Pray for the daily grace to keep chopping!