Sunday, January 18, 2009

Video: Mike Huckabee Attends Arkansas March for Life

This afternoon was the 31st Annual March for Life in downtown Little Rock. The Arkansas Right to Life organizes the event each year. This year a large crowd of around a thousand made the trek down Capital Avenue to the steps of the state capital. Leading the march were a handful of state legislators included Sen. Gilbert Baker, Rep. Dan Greenberg, Rep. Jonathan Dismang, Rep. Dawn Creekmore, Rep. Duncan Baird, and Rep. Andrea Lea. It was also a welcome sight to see former Governor Mike Huckabee at the front of crowd. Gov. Huckabee was a regular every year when he was governor but this was his first time back since his Presidential run last year. This year instead of a keynote speaker, Gov. Huckabee was a member of the crowd, which was pretty cool. My family and I got to walk alongside him for several minutes on the march which was a meaningful experience for us.

As the thousands of pro-lifers marched down Capital Avenue a small group of protestors shouted, “Not the church, not the state, women must decide our fate.” I am not sure if these protestors were referring to deciding the unborn babies fate in this chant, but it seems to me that if the babies had a say, most all of them would choose life.

As we filled the steps of the state capital, Bishop Anthony Taylor brought the prayer, Arkansas Right to Life President Wayne Mays gave an update on their work, and Rep. Dawn Creekmore discussed the need for and current statue of the recently filed Arkansas Partial Birth Abortion Ban. The keynote and highlight of the march was the speech delivered by Julie Mayberry (formerly of KATV and wife of Andy Mayberry). Julie discussed her journey from a pro-choice stance ten years to her current strong pro-life stance, through the birth of her children, prayer and Bible study, and research about what abortion really is. She ended the speech by imploring the crowd not to just come to the march and go home but to go out and make a difference; borrowing a quote from Sarah Palin, she said, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not the reason a ship is built.”

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