Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video: House Speaker Robbie Wills Interview with the Tolbert Report

Because I know you can’t get enough video, I sat down with Speaker of the House Robbie Wills to discuss the upcoming session. I appreciate Rep. Wills taking the time to meet with me and hope to bring you more interviews with our state legislators as the session unfolds.

In this first part, Rep. Wills discusses the two biggest issues of the upcoming session, the lottery and the state trauma system. We also talked about the blog that Wills just launched this past week and how that developed with the prodding of Rep. Steve Harrelson and his work as a cub report for Under the Dome during the Democrat National Convention.

Rep. Wills discusses the lottery proposal in greater detail. He discusses areas of agreement with Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter as well as some disagreements. We also discuss ways to hold the lottery accountable by putting the proper oversights in place.

Rep. Wills talks about his views on the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming and their final report, which as he points out he discusses on his blog. Rep. Wills admits that he does believe that Global Warming exists and that man plays a role but does not feel that most of the Commission’s recommendations will be put into effect. He also discusses how he balances representing his home district with his responsibilities as the Speaker.

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