Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tolbert Report Goes Mainstream on KATV

I just wrapped up an interview with KATV's Jessica Dean at the state capital. Her “Choose Your News” story today is on “Blogging Boom: Arkansas’ New Media.” She interviewed me and Blake Rutherford from I am not sure if that means I am among the top two new blogs in the state or if everyone else was too busy. Either way, it was fun. It was sort of different being the interviewee instead of the interviewer. Plus they used a real TV camera and wireless mics and all that high tech stuff, instead of a flip cam like yours truly.

Make sure and tune in tonight at 6:00 on KATV (that's Channel 7 on my TV) to find out all about the growing new media in Arkansas. And how it will totally change life as you know it! If you want to be real hard core new media, you can watch their webcast here.

One of the things we discussed was how the Arkansas blogging community works together to cover various stories. As an example, Arkansas Republican gone to Washington K. Ryan James is the man on scene for all our DC blogging news. Today and tomorrow, he will be blogging live from the RNC winter meeting in our nation’s capital where the next RNC Chairman will be elected, in fact, he has already started. So I will be “covering” this event by linking and quoting him here. (How’s that for a segway.)

Here is the video of the report.

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Brett said...

So does this mean you're bona-fide now?