Friday, January 16, 2009

Tim Griffin is Advising Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (UPDATE - comment from Griffin)

The Dallas Morning News political blog Trail Blazers digs through the financial filings of Kay Bailey Hutchison to discover that she is employing Arkansas’s own Tim Griffin as a communication consultant. Hutchison, currently a U.S. Senator from Texas, has announced that she plans to run against incumbent Governor (and fellow Republican) Rick Perry. Of course, the ever dubious news media refers to Griffin in the story as “a Karl Rove-protégé and veteran of take-no-prisoners politics.” As we all know, anything associate with Rove must be part of a vast right wing conspiracy. (cue black helicopter noise)

Griffin is also rumored to be considering a run for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Tolbert Report regulars will remember that this story broke here on the Tolbert Report back in December.

UPDATE - Griffin releases the following statement to the Tolbert Report: "I am proud to be associated with Sen. Hutchison (R-TX). She has a history of being a strong leader for Texas in the US Senate and is going to be an extraordinary governor."

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