Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sen. Bob Johnson's First Taste of the Governor’s Chair

Largely missed (in fact maybe completely missed) by the Arkansas media yesterday was the smooth, brief, and very temporary transfer of power of the Arkansas state government. With Governor Mike Beebe and Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter in Washington for the Inauguration festivities, Senate President Pro Temp Bob Johnson assumed the duties as acting governor. But, alas, it appears he did little more the safely hold the wheel until Gov. Beebe’s return. No long list of pardons and commutations. No executive orders shutting down the Little Rock Zoo. It sounds like he just sat at the desk and flipped through Gov. Beebe’s extensive collection of Field and Stream.

I got to tell you they really need to spice things up over at the capital. This boring responsible governing stuff is making it tough be a blogger.

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