Monday, January 19, 2009

Rep. David Cook Goes After Homeschoolers

Rep. David Cook told the Arkansas News Bureau today that he plans to introduce legislation that would limit parents' ability to remove their children from public schools during the semester to home school them. The bill would require parents to notify the school by July 1 for the Fall semester or by December 1 for the Spring semester of their intent to teach their children at home.

Cook told the Bureau, “Some of them, I have been told by the school administrators, are just getting mad at the school and taking them out and not home schooling them, not really teaching them.” Of course, I am sure the Democrat Representative from Williford has done extensive research on the education provided to these students by their parents; although from reading the article, I don’t see anything other than speaking to some frustrated school administrators. Cook also wants to require parents to produce proof that their child is up to date on all state mandated testing when notifying the school of their intent to homeschool.

One parent of a homeschooler commented to the Tolbert Report saying, “What's being expressed with this draft legislation is just an extension of the philosophy that the state is ultimately responsible for children’s education rather than the child's parent or guardian. Making the parent responsible for a child's education requires the school to treat the parent as a customer.”
Quite frankly, I would expect this bill yet to be filed will be put on the fast track to nowhere but if it picks up any steam I will make sure to let you know. I am certain many homeschoolers out there will be interested. In fact, the committee hearing to consider this bill might make a good field trip.

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Great news! This terrible bill was defeated in Arkansas today. You can read about it here: