Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama to Fix the TV’s of a Nation in Crisis

President Elect Obama is not shy about tackling the most critical issues of our time in his first days in office. According to a breaking news report from the AP, Obama’s transition team co-chair John Podesta sent an urgent letter to Congress, warning them of the imminent dangers that are destined to happen if the television broadcast stations switch from analog to digital signals at the scheduled date of February 17. In addition, the Department of Commerce has tailspinned into crisis mode after running out of coupons that allow consumers to receive taxpayer funded digital converter boxes that are essential for every American to enjoy our quality of life. How will we be able to see the early episodes of “American Idol” without immediate Congressional intervention? Thank goodness we will soon have a man in the oval office that cares about these issues instead of the callous disregard that the Bush Administration has shown for the television needs of millions of American while they are too busy fighting wars and stuff.

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