Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ms. Fisher Goes to Washington (UPDATE - Dean Rumored to Replace Her on CYN)

Several weeks ago, I heard a rumor. This is not uncommon. As my blogger status has risen from non-existent to barely existent, more and more people will tell me “off the record” news items that they think I should know but please don’t post or say where you heard it. This means I either have to find a different source to confirm the information or sit on the information until it is an appropriate time to post. One such rumor I heard several weeks ago fell into this later category.

The rumor – KATV reporter Kristin Fisher is taking a job in Washington, DC. I actually had a good source for this bit of gossip but they swore me to secrecy as Fisher was only interviewing for the job and if this rumor got out, it could affect her job situation. Anyone who has applied for a job while still at a job understands this delicate situation. My blogger ethics told me this was inappropriate timing to post this so I sat on it.

I am free to post this now because it is official; tonight Fisher officially announced on her program the “Daily Debrief” that she is heading to Washington, DC to take a job with WUSA. This is a major media market so this is a big step up for her career. We Arkansas bloggers and fellow Choosers will miss her but we wish her the best. As much as she loves covering politics, she will love Washington, DC.

The reason I am giving you a bit of behind the blogging scenes is because another new comer blogger did not make the same choice I did. John Brummett started his “Brummett Blog” on December 22 and one of his first posts was on the Fisher rumor. He wrote, “So I got this e-mail, anonymously: ‘You might want to ask KATV about the status of ‘Choose Your News.’ A little bird told me it’s being done away with and that Kristen is heading to Washington, D.C.’” He goes on to quote Fisher as saying that this is “Not true” and that KATV is just short staffed over the Christmas week. What else is she going to say?

Interestingly enough, this blog entry was posted two days after a Brummett column entitled “Blogger Ethics in the New Media.” The point of this column was to discuss the possible conflict between bloggers’ personal financial interest and the stories they promote. Good question. But another question that I think should be asked is when do bloggers not post a rumor or a bit of gossip that they heard? Where do we draw the line about what is appropriate for public consumption on the worldwide web? In spite of the impression some might have of the Tolbert Report, it looks like Brummett’s line is a bit lower than mine.

UPDATE – Brummett bemoans on his blog that he got exactly the opposite of what he wanted. He likes Kristin Fisher but not “Choose Your News.” Now Fisher is gone but CYN is staying. It is a funny post. Uh oh, I am starting to like "Brummett’s Blog;" what is the new media creation that we started doing to me.

Also, shout outs from the whole blogging family, David Kinkade at The Arkansas Project, Blake Rutherford at Blake’s Think Tank, Lance Turner on his blog with no name, and even Rep. Steve Harrelson at Under the Dome. Wow, you can feel the love for face of the Arkansas new media! I hope everyone is as nice to me when I get a big promotion that takes me to Washington or whatever my wife finally gets sick of me siting behind my laptop all the time and throws it out the window. (Hint – the later one is much more likely.)

UPDATE II - I just received this message from Fisher, "tonight's special guest on the Daily Debrief will be KATV Reporter Jessica Dean. We will be making another big announcement about the future of CYN, so tune in at 6:10 on to watch. And - of course - if you have any questions for Jessica, just email them to me please."

Is Jessica Dean the next CYN host? Find out tonight. (Man, KATV need to start paying me for this teaser!)

UPDATE III - Fisher announced that she will be a "Mulitimedia Journalist" for WUSA. What is that? The Washington Post has recent article explaining it and how WUSA will be one of the first stations with this new position. Basically, a multimedia journalist does the job of a full news crew reporting, shooting, and editing their story. It is part of the cost cutting measures of a down economy; replace the job of two or three people with one.

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