Thursday, January 8, 2009

Huckabee Will Host Ann Coulter and Jerry Springer This Weekend

It should be a fun night of television this weekend when Mike Huckabee has guests Ann Coulter and Jerry Springer on his Fox News Show on Saturday night at 7:00. Coulter was not a Huckafan back during the Presidential primary season comparing him to President Jimmy Carter (which is about the worst thing you can a Republican.) Ann Coulter made headlines earlier this week when she was reportedly banned for life from NBC for her criticism of Barack Obama in her new book “Guilty” which lead to a funny exchange with Matt Lauer when she appeared on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday morning (see video below.) With Jerry Springer on hand, we can only hope this breaks out into a full on-stage brawl. The only question is what will the crowd chant - Jerry or Huckabee. Either one works.

Also, in Arkansas political must see TV, Sen. Blanche Lincoln will appear on for a 30 minute interview with Steve Barnes this Friday night at 6:30. She was supposed to be on last Friday night but she was iced in or some other lame excuse, which totally messed up my weekend plans.

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