Monday, January 5, 2009

“Huckabee Report” Radio Show Begins Today but Not in Central Arkansas (UPDATE)

David Kinkade, scoopes me on Huckabee news again this morning by reminding his readers that Mike Huckabee’s new radio show the “Huckabee Report” (nice name) will begin today as part of the ABC Radio Network and Citadel Broadcasting. But don’t expect to be able to listen to it on the airwaves here in Central Arkansas. I called the local Citadel station KARN just now and they said that a decision has still not been reached. According to whoever answered the phone, they are trying to decide whether to replace "Paul Harvey News and Comment" with the “Huckabee Report.” This puts into doubt whether Huckabee’s new show will be available on the radio in Huckabee’s own hometown. However, my inside sources tell me the show will be available at

UPDATE - Dave Elswick, station manager at KARN, tells me "I'm working on getting the Huckabee show on KARN but it will be a couple of weeks."

Also, I got an email letting me know you can now listen to the show online by clicking here.

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Peggy said...

Not in central Minnesota either, Jason. I'm hoping the podcasts are up and running soon,.