Tuesday, January 6, 2009

House Democrats Change the Rules as First Order of Business

The Washington Conservative Bloggers, as well as my inbox, are buzzing this morning about a power play being pushed by the Democrats in the opening minutes of Congress. What they are doing is pretty much the equivalent of trying an onsite kick to open the football game. The push, being lead by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, does away with many of the parliamentary powers of the minority party (i.e. the Republicans) and also enables Pelosi to install committee chairman for life. Arkansas conservative blogger in Washington, K. Ryan James sounds the alarm:

So, to sum up. Speaker Pelosi will strip term-limits from committee chairman - living them virtually unbridled power to dominate the minority party - while stripping the minority of the power to recommit a motion back to a committee. That sounds an awful lot like one-party consolidation to me.

Members of the GOP Conference have, correctly, asked about the transparency which was promised by The One to deliver us from every evil. While we know their remarks was rhetorical, it begs the question from all Americans on whether the Pelosi Congress will allow their newly-unfettered committee chairman to write whatever they want in the cloak room, march it to the House floor, pass it without an opportunity for robust debate, and send it to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue for Barack Obama’s rubber stamp.

Hardly the type of change that is worthy of the new hope as expressed by the followers of The One.

As an Arkansan, I can’t help but to think of the fact that John McCain won my state by a large margin, even carrying the Democrat-represented congressional districts by double-digits. This fact is important as we begin a new Congress, for there are three Arkansas Democrats who are poised to vote for the Pelosi power play - depite the fact that two of them are, notionally, conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats.

Being from Little Rock, I already know Rep. Vic Snyder will vote with the Speaker without hesitation, as he is the most liberal member of the delegation. However, Blue Dogs Marion Berry and Mike Ross should be expected to at least hesitate on this new rules package before eventually succumbing to the power of Pelosi.

I propose making our Arkansas representatives understand that those of us back home believe in fairness, and that playing partisan politics is not why we sent them to Congress. I urge you to contact the Democrat members of the Arkansas House delegation, to let them know that the Pelosi power play is not the type of governing our country needs at this time, and is a step back to the days of a closed Congress that was unaccountable to the American people.

Here are the deets:

Rep. Marion Berry: 202-225-4076 or 800-866-2701
Rep. Vic Snyder: 202-225-2506 or 501-324-5941
Rep. Mike Ross: 800-223-2220
If you are a Republican, and live under a Democrat (especially a Blue Dog)congressman, I urge you to make contact with them before noon (ET) today and let them know that you will not stand for this.

Call them today!
UPDATE - The rule passes on party line vote, limiting minority right in the house.

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