Monday, January 5, 2009

Gov. Beebe: AG McDaniel Has an “Obligation” to Defend Act 1

Another lunch break afforded me to opportunity to run down to the capital to ask Gov. Mike Beebe if he feels Attorney General Dustin McDaniel should recuse himself from defending the recently passed Initiated Act 1, banning cohabiting adults from being foster or adoptive parents. Gov. Beebe said. “If he (McDaniel) feels that he can defend the case objectively and not allow his personal opinion to affect him, than absolutely he should stay on the case.” Asked his personal opinion on the case, he said that the state has “an obligation to uphold the law, even though I was against it (Act 1.)” He said that he does not recall a similar case arising while he was attorney general.

UPDATE - The AP was there when I asked this question to Gov. Beebe and they weigh in as well.

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