Friday, January 16, 2009

Blake Rutherford’s Magical Journey

My blogging buddy and political adversary Blake Rutherford is getting busy over on his blog, Blake’s Think Tank, where he is consistently bringing in the best and brightest minds in the Democrat Party of Arkansas to contribute (so far that has been limited to himself.) But not only are his posts picking up in frequency (already four today and I am still on my first cup of coffee), he is forgoing the safety of his world headquarters in Little Rock and going out for some actual field reporting in Washington, DC. Due to his insider political connections, he has secured tickets that will get him into exclusive areas reserved only for himself and several million other dignitaries from around the globe. Also, after minutes or even seconds of lobbying from the Tolbert Report, he has agreed to tote his flip cam to interview fellow Obama fans that have joined him in his pilgrimage. This Tuesday, forget CSPAN; I am tuning in to Blake’s Think Tank for my inauguration coverage!

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