Saturday, January 17, 2009

Attorney General’s Office Files Motion to Dismiss; Conflict of Interest Continues

On Friday, the Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to dismiss the ACLU’s lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Act 1, banning cohabiting adults from becoming foster or adoptive parents. I have given McDaniel’s office a hard time for his past public and financial support of Arkansas Families First, the group opposing Act 1. So I felt it only fair the point out that his office began their defense today with the filing on the motion to dismiss.

However, for some reason, I felt the need to peruse through the financial filing of Arkansas Families First once again. You will never guess what I found. One of the assistant attorney generals on the case, Colin Jorgensen, just happens to share something in common with his boss, Dustin McDaniel. He is a contributor to the group opposing Act 1. In fairness, it was a smaller amount, $50 on October 9, 2008. However, Jorgensen still joins McDaniel in the club of attorneys defending Act 1 whom previously gave money to the other side.

This has me asking the question is sentiment against Act 1 in the attorney generals office that pervasive or is the case being intentionally assigned to attorneys within the office that share McDaniel’s opposition to the law they are supposed to be defending? Either way, this makes the motion filed by Jerry Cox and Family Council Action Committee to join the case as a defendant all that more important.

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Chris said...

Ya know, this goes back to my earlier argument.

If more women would have some late term abortions, this wouldn't be an issue. Less kids to foster and adopt. That way, these potential loving homes and families can spend more time doing practical things. Like decorating.

Just sayin.