Thursday, December 18, 2008

Video: Debriefing the “Daily Debrief”

I was a guest on KATV's “Daily Debrief” with Kristin Fisher tonight (see video above and if you want even more click here for Part 1 or here for Part 2) and it was a lot of fun. Fisher was doing a live shot at the airport for the 6:00 newscast so she was not there when I arrived. So I got the grand tour from weatherman Ned Perme. I was trying not to be all Gomer goes to Hollywood but this was my first time in a television studio so I felt a bit like a tourist. But everyone was super nice and I got to meet Ned as well as Steve Sullivan and a lot of the people who work behind the scenes. Below are a couple behind the scenes videos I took before the “Daily Debrief.”

Special that to David Kinkade for the screen shot. So what's next for the Tolbert Report? Unconventional Wisdom? Arkansas Week? Arkansas' Most Wanted? Who knows, but I am sure it will be fun!

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Jack said...

Cool, thanks for posting those videos, Jason.