Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tolbert Report to Appear on KATV's Daily Debrief this Thursday Evening

My in-depth coverage of KATV’s new media experiment “Choose your News” has finally paid off. After hours of intense negotiation between the staff of the Tolbert Report and the big wigs over at KATV, an agreement has finally been struck. I am pleased to announce that yours truly will be the featured guest of CYN’s Daily Debrief this Thursday evening. Tune in around 6:10ish to see me sit down for Kristin Fisher’s most exclusive interview of the day. Blake Rutherford of Blake’s Think Tank fame has requested that I tote my flip camera for behind the scenes coverage. As long as there is no sort of copyright issue and my batteries don’t go dead, then I will try to oblige. Send in your (softball) questions to Kristin Fisher at kfisher@katv.com and don’t forget to tune in by logging on at 6:10 on Thursday.

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