Saturday, December 20, 2008

Print is Dead But the News Media is Alive and Well

Arkansas News Bureau went live with their new website today. We actually got a sneak peak at the site a couple weeks ago from fellow blogger and local teen heartthrob David Kinkade. The new website not only has a nice sleek design but it is easy to navigate with the typical news sections such as news, sports, columns, business, cartoons, and features.

However, the real genius in the new site is the incorporation of the Arkansas blogs on the site itself. I am not just saying this because ANB had the foresight to include The Tolbert Report on its list but rather I am impressed with how they set it up. By using the RSS feeds from the Arkansas blogs, they can have the blog posts appear on their own site surrounded by their links and most importantly their advertisers. Smart.

Appearing on their new website today is John Brummett’s fifth installment in his series on the new media. For someone so committed the to old print establishment, he sure does talk about us a lot. Although he does not directly mention the Tolbert Report, he writes, “(Trend analysts) are saying that personal blogs, maybe as supplemented by twittering and flip-cameras and whatever technological giant step comes next, will soon take over.” I think we all know he is talking about me; as we all know, the Flip Camera is the official camera of the Tolbert Report. Perhaps I weirded him out with my excessive coverage of him and Kristin Fisher, but I hope he will continue to read my blog and maybe find me sufficiently funny and irreverent and hard-working to warrant inclusion in his next list of favorite local blogs.

In his column, he goes on to discuss the ethical standards of refraining from covering stories in which the author has a financial interest. So I guess it is a good thing I don’t receive any money from my shameless plugs for the Flip Camera.

Anyway, I have now become known for declaring, “Print is dead.” But today’s launch is a huge step forward for Arkansas News and Stephens Media to stay relevant and competitive. I hope that they will continue to invest the time and money to keep their website up to date and relevant. If they do, I predict they will weather the paradigm shift that everyone in the news media currently faces.

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kJust so you know, being a "teen heartthrob" does not make it OK to make overtures to teenage girls. At least that's what the prosecutor tells me.