Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lincoln on Card Check: "Remains Undecided on the Bill"

Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s press secretary Katie Laning Niebaum released the following statement this evening to – uhh – clarify (?) Sen. Lincoln’s earlier comments on the card check legislation.

"It was not her intention to make comments that would suggest opposition to the bill. She believes the bill should go through the normal legislative process and she will not be taking a position until that time. So, to be clear, she remains undecided on the bill."

That is what she calls being "clear." Wow, I truly do not know what to say. But Tim Griffin does! He writes, ""Sen. Lincoln, I understand you are back to undecided on card check. Senator may I brief you and help you decide?"


DumbArkie said...

I firmly believe that I will leave a comment on this issue at a future date. So, to be clear, this statement should not be misunderstood in any way that may lead one to believe that I have changed my position since having left a similar comment on the same subject at I remain committed to this position and will not be swayed, at least and not until there is a clear direction in which way the wind is blowing. Now having clarified my position, there should be no further questions regarding my stance, however, if there are any doubts as to where I stand on the aforementioned issue, please shake your head and pull out your own hair with both hands.

Philip said...

Why do the people of Arkansas vote for these type of people?