Sunday, December 21, 2008

Huckabee: “Turning the Other Check” Only Goes So Far

Gov. Mike Huckabee took some time out of his busy book-touring schedule to give an interview to the Florida Baptist Witness while he was in Gainesville this past week. He spoke on a wide range of subjects and as always delivered some headline making quotes. When asked about some of the recent attacks on Christmas from atheists in Washington State, Huckabee said, “It’s not a matter of turning the other cheek. Atheists resent that there’s a holiday that Christians can celebrate.” He went on to suggest that atheists, who are critical of the celebration of Christmas, work on December 25 and instead take off on April 1 (April Fools Day.)

Huckabee also went on to tell the Florida Baptist Witness that he plans to reach a decision on whether to make another run for President by 2010 saying, “A lot of it has to do with what the political landscape looks like; what I am doing at that point.” While this statement clearly hints at the possibility of a Senate challenge to Sen. Blanche Lincoln, sources close to Gov. Huckabee tell the Tolbert Report that a Presidential run in 2012 is clearly being planned.

Speaking to primarily a Southern Baptist audience, Huckabee took the opportunity to reiterate his firm pro-family and pro-life positions saying, “All life has intrinsic worth and value and the moment we start devaluing any life and believe that my selfish motives, whatever they are, are of greater consequence than the life of the other person, whatever those consequences—we’ve already made a huge mistake from which we can’t recover.” He went on to add, “What I hope is that Southern Baptists in particular and evangelicals in general will recognize that if they are not the voice for life and traditional marriage, then don’t expect the secularists to take up the cause. If we don’t adhere to what we believe to be our biblical and eternal principles, then we have no reason to complain when we lose those principles in the public marketplace.”

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Larry Jackson said...

It's really good to see that Mike Huckabee may be planning another run in 2012 and it gives us a lot to look forward to.

The one thing that worries me is the way he seems to be pigeonholed into just being the candidate for the values voters or the evangelical Christians. I hope he can broaden his base to prevent that from happening in 2012.