Thursday, December 4, 2008

“The Huckabee Report” has a Webhome

ABC Radio Networks now has a website up to promo Mike Huckabee’s new radio show, “The Huckabee Report.” It offers a few more details on the format of the show, which will be 3 minutes on weekday mornings and midays (something never done before in radio.) It also tells you how to make sure and get the daily Huckareports on your station. It even has a six minute demo that you can listen to in which Gov. Huckabee gives President Elect Obama his advice on taking office. If you can't get enough of the story of the Arkansas Democrats nailing the door to his Lieutenant Governor's office shut from the outside, then you really should check it out!

The Huckabee Report will offer a daily helping of the very latest news, presented with the wry humor and informed, insider commentary that have made Gov. Mike Huckabee one of the most popular new media voices of the 21st century.

Mike's small town background, stunning grassroots political success, quick wit and down-to-Earth persona make him that rarest of media personalities: a man who relates to hardworking, everyday Americans as easily as he does to celebrities and presidents. That's why his weekend TV show debuted as the highest-rated new show on Fox News.

And now, here's your chance to have Mike Huckabee's daily radio reports exclusively on your station, starting January 5.

To lock down your market before your competitors do, call Dave Van Dyke at ABC Radio Networks today, at 972-448-3105.

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