Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House Passes $14 Billion Automakers Bailout; Rep. Boozman Votes No While Rep. Ross and Rep. Berry Vote Yes

The lame duck U.S. House of Representative just voted to approve a $14 billion (with a b) to the auto industry. The bill is short on details but gives broad discreation to so-called “car czar” that will oversee handing out these funds and making sure that the automakers institute restructuring plans such as driving hybrids to meetings instead of taking private corporate jets.

A tip of the hat goes out to our Arkansas Republican Rep. John Boozman voted against the bill. However a wag of my finger goes to Democrats Rep. Mike Ross and Rep. Marion Berry who caved in to party allegiance and voted in favor of the bill. (Rep. Synder was in Arkansas as his wife just had triplets so I will give him an excused absence. In fact, it is fine with me if he wants to put off going back to Washington as long as he would like.) Also unfortunate is that, with only 237 votes in favor of the bill, it passed by a mere 19 votes and 32 Republicans voted in favor of the bailout. But still kudos to Rep. John Boozman.

Now on to the Senate. Sen. Pryor and Sen. Lincoln, we will be watching.

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DumbArkie said...

$14 billion,huh? Okay, at $25,000 per car Detroit owes us 560,000 cars. Will the government have a lottery to give all those cars away that we just bought, or is it first come, first served?