Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Halter: No State Legislator Opposes the Lottery Proposal

Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter appeared this evening on KATV’s Daily Debrief (photo from KATV) and broke a bit of news that I think several legislators will be interested to know. Speaking about the new passed lottery, Halter said, “We can’t find a single member of the legislature that is publicly against this.” That is a surprise to me. I actually spoke with Rep. Bruce Maloch, one of the current sponsors of the lottery proposal, back in November and he told me he actually opposes the lottery but signed on as a co-sponsor so that he can make sure the proper oversights are in place. Is this another case of Halter overstating his case or is he that out of touch with the state legislators?

He told Kristin Fisher, host of the Daily Debrief, that he has been spending the last few weeks meeting with legislatures around the state discussing this issue. So it will be interesting to see what Rep. Maloch and the other legislators have to say. Will every legislator now go on record as supporting the state lottery or will it be discovered that Halter was overstating his case.?

Halter also joined in the current Fisher Brummett debate on the new versus old media. Halter says that although he reads the daily statewide newspapers he primarily gets his news online. He even confessed to being a reader of “The Tolbert Report” as well as the Arkansas Times blog and Rep. Harrelson's "Under the Dome" blog. So, Hey Bill, if you are reading this, let me know where I am wrong. I will be happy to post your comments or even stop by your office for a follow up interview. You can also send Halter your comments at his scholarship lottery website

Also, any legislators that reads this and would like to let me know if you oppose the newly minted lottery let me know that as well.

UPDATE - I spoke with several legislatures off the record who told me that while they disagree with Halter, “he is just not worth it because he is irrelevant.”

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DumbArkie said...

100%??? That's better than Saddam and Fidel used to get in their elections. Good job Bill!