Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in New Orleans

It is Christmas time in New Orleans both literately and politically (at least for the GOP). I went down to the French Market this morning with my family and had breakfast at Café du Monde of fresh beignets and café au lait with a street performer playing “Silent Night” in the background (click for video). It does not get much better than that! We followed this up with a streetcar ride down St. Charles to see the houses decorated for Christmas. Of course, I could not help but snap a shot of the Joseph Cao for Congress sign hanging from one the balconies. Republicans in New Orleans are sky high this year after the upset victory of Joseph Cao over incumbent Democrat William Jefferson in a Congressional District deemed unwinnable by the experts. Congressmen-elect Cao should be an inspiration to those of us in Arkansas who are in districts often times written off by the experts. Hopefully, in 2010, we will take a note from the Big Easy Republicans and field quality candidates in every Congressional race.

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