Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brummett: The Story that Keeps on Giving (me something to post about)

The Arkansas blogs (Tolbert Report, Arkansas Project, Blake’s Think Tank, Lance Tuner, and even Ark Times) have covered the friendly feud between Kristin Fisher, the face of the new media (I mean who else are we going to pick, Max Brantley) and John Brummett, the defender of the old establishment guard. The debate was almost a week ago now (which is so yesterday for us new media types) but Brummett still felt the need to make it the focus of today’s Sunday column.

Brummett writes, “The reviews tended to deem the debate spirited, entertaining and probably something of a tie if all for her on style.” I would mostly agree with this assessment except I would not consider it a tie, as Brummett spent most of the evening backpedaling from his previous comments and admiting that while he feels Choose your News is a gimmick, it has merit. Further he confesses that the news industry as a whole is trying to figure out how to make money off the emerging new media.

But in the end, all sides won this debate. If Fisher did nothing else, she brought more attention to her product CYN than ever before. The votes for CYN have been over 10,000 everyday this week with it topping 15,000 for Thursday’s show, and I even noticed that her notorious webcam now has a corporate sponsor's logo in the corner. Perhaps she has found a way to monetize CYN after all. In addition, Brummett declared regarding himself that because of this debate, “I’m young. I’m relevant again.” Indeed, John, I have read all you columns (via the Arkansas News Bureau’s website of course) since this began. I am sure the “mouse clicky” colleagues of yours who run the site will report that the traffic to these columns have spiked. However, the real winners are the bloggers of Arkansas. My traffic has never been higher and my name has been mentioned and linked on at least a couple major news outlets. This may even lead to a guest appearance of the Tolbert Report on the Daily Debrief. We will have to wait and see.

Perhaps some day we will find out that the whole feud was a set up like the famous feud better Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler. Either way, on behalf of the Tolbert Report, thanks to you both!

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