Wednesday, November 12, 2008

House Minority Leader Rep. Bryan King Considers Running for State GOP Chairman

Arkansas House Minority Leader Bryan King tells the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that he is considering joining Doyle Webb and Joseph Wood in the race for chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas. Rep. King is well respected among fellow Republican lawmakers but there are some that question if he can split his allegiances with his work in the legislature with the need to push a partisan agenda as the state GOP chairman. In fact, part of what has earned Rep. King the respect he carries within the Capital is his ability to work with members of the majority to accomplish what he feels is best for the state. Rep. King had such a great bipartisan relationship that he actually had 11 Democrat legislatures, including the current Majority Leader Robbie Wills, support him during his most recent contested reelection campaign over the objection of the late Democrat Party of Arkansas chairman Bill Gwatney. I applaud Rep. King’s ability as a lawmaker, particularly in a minority party, to work in this bipartisan manner but it seems it could be a real handicap for his efforts in the House if he filled perhaps the most partisan position in the state. I have no doubt that Rep. King can do the job but the question I have is should he. Arguably he is already doing a more important job as minority leader and his efforts to help the Republican Party might be best served behind the scenes instead of out front as the chairman.

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