Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video: Gov. Mike Beebe on his Budget Proposal

Gov. Mike Beebe visited with members of the press including “The Tolbert Report” today at the Little Rock Hilton after addressing the “Clean & Green Annual Symposium.” Gov. Beebe discussed the difficulty in preparing his first budget in office due to the recent down turn in the economy pointing out that Arkansas was fortunate not to have been hit as hard as the rest of the country. He said that his proposed budget assumes that Arkansas state revenues will be affected by the downturn during the upcoming fiscal year but has provided for contingencies to increase funding to state agencies and programs if the economy improves. Gov. Beebe said, “I am sure there will be some disappointment (in the upcoming budget.) The toughest part about having this job is always having to tell people no for really good programs.” He went on to say that his office receives very few program requests that don’t have some degree of merit but often times he is forced to say no to them because Arkansas state law requires a balance budget. He went on to say that if there are any tax cuts, it will be to the grocery tax and does not envision any other cuts including the state income tax.

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