Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gov. Huckabee’s Book Signing Lights Up the Blogs

The Arkansas blogging community turned out to welcome Gov. Mike Huckabee back home on his book tour with his stop last night at Barnes and Noble in Little Rock. There was a good size crowd; my guess would be around 400. I attended with my wife Kathy, my son Luke, and my mother-in-law Linda (see picture left.) It was good to see and visit (shortly) with Gov. Huckabee again. The last time I saw Gov. Huckabee was in the Arkansas section on the floor of the Republican National Convention on Thursday night on the Convention! We also found out at a doctor’s appointment shortly before the event that we will be having a healthy baby boy in April. Needless to say last night was a good night and we have so many reasons to be thankful.

Also in attendance was Rep. Steve Harrelson from Under the Dome (pictured below.) Rep. Harrelson is the Democrat Majority Leader in the State House so it is pretty cool to see him out supporting Gov. Huckabee. According to Steve’s report, they became friends through their shared interest in running marathons and Gov. Huckabee is a regular reader of “Under the Dome.” Does Gov. Huckabee also read “The Tolbert Report?” If so - "Hello, Gov. Huckabee!”

Also from even further across the aisle, Max Brantley at the Ark Times blog sends his cub report David Boon to get his book signed and pick up a Team Huck shirt for him. Max laments that Boon decided to settle for having the Huckabus driver sign his book (to avoid the long line) and that the Team Huck shirt does not come in XXL. Anyway, Ark Times supplies us with some pretty good video below.

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