Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facebook and the Race for RNC Chairman; Newt Gingrich Not Running

You can learn so much on Facebook. Princella Smith works for Newt Gingrich’s organization “American Solution” and is also one of my “Facebook friends.” Today her status reads as follows “Princella Smith wants everyone to know: Gingrich is totally committed to American Solutions and NOT running for RNC Chair. Join us for REAL change.” I am not sure if this is breaking news but I thought I would go ahead and pass it along. If true, you can scratch him of your list of candidates for the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Sorry, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, you've been scoped by "The Tolbert Report" and Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, the latest craze is to create groups focused on certain political causes. Gov. Huckabee and his supporters used this tactic to organize a lot his grassroots support during his Presidential Campaign. The latest crop of group invites I have been receiving are invitations to join “Draft so and so for RNC Chairman.” I joined the “Draft Chip Saltsman for RNC Chairman” Facebook group as he is my personal favorite in the race; however I am not sure if this will carry the same impact that the Facebook groups carried during other political campaigns. The RNC Chairman is voted on the 168 members of the Republican National Committee; so someone smarter than me will have to explain how the Facebook groups will influence these GOP party leaders. Oh well, I guess it is still fun to join!

For a detailed report on everyone running for RNC Chairman, check out insider Tim Griffin's blog, "The Griffin Room."

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