Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wind Energy Plants to Open in Arkansas

Polymarin Composites and Emergya Wind Technologies issued a press release today saying that they will both be opening new plants in Arkansas for the production of blades for wind turbines for wind energy. T. Boone Pickens would be proud. According to the release, the two companies plan to invest appropriately $20 million and create 830 new jobs for our area. The plants will be located south of Little Rock in the vacant Levi Building of Interstate 530. I assume this is the big announcement that Gov. Beebe planned for this afternoon at the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Obviously, this job creation is good news for the Natural State but why the sudden investment in wind energy? The reason could be hidden deep within the “Financial Bailout Bill” on page 130, Division B, Sec. 104 which provides an “energy credit for small wind property.” I guess Arkansas is going to see some benefit for this bit of pork that was added to the bill to secure the votes needed for passage. On what is I am sure a totally unrelated note, all of Arkansas’ delegation including our two Senators and four Representatives, voted in favorite of this bill.

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