Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Unconventional Wisdom" on the Unconventional Media

David Sanders will cover the new Arkansas political blogsphere this Friday night on his show “Unconventional Wisdom.” Guests will include David Kinkade of the Arkansas Project and Blake Rutherford of Blake’s Think Tank. A tip of my hat to you, Mr. Sanders, for recognizing the important of the new media and its impact of state politics. But a wag of my finger for failing to include the most prominent Arkansas Conservative Political Blog located in Saline County, “The Tolbert Report.”

Make sure and tune in to AETN this Friday at 6:30 to catch the show and imagine how much better it would be with yours truly on the set. If you have a life outside of following the details of the Arkansas political blogging world and have other plans on Friday night, you can download the show from the website. If you would like to contribute to the overwhelming campaign for inclusion of "The Tolbert Report" on his program, you can drop him a line here -

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