Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Surprise: Bill Clinton Endorses Barack Obama

Shocker of shockers, Bill Clinton endorsed Barack Obama last night following Obama’s thirty minute infomercial. I watched this infomercial waiting for Matthew Lesko to show up with his dollar sign suit but alas all I got was Bill. If you missed it, it was like the 1988 Democratic Convention speech all over again; it went on and on until Barack finally had to bring the hook out on him. It was filled with highlights of the Clinton glory day when we are all rich and happy and tells of how only a Democrat, even if it is Obama and not Hilary, can lead us back into the promise land. If you have 40 minutes to kill, MSNBC has the video. I would post it here but I just can’t bring myself to post a video of Bill. In fact, the main reason I felt the need to post this story was to have an excuse to post that ridiculous picture of them shaking hands.

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