Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Leads by 15 Points Among Registered Voters in University of Arkansas Survey

The University of Arkansas released a political survey today which touched on a variety of issues. Regarding the Presidential races, the survey indicates that John McCain still enjoys a comfortable 15 point lead with 51% of registered voters in Arkansas favoring him compared to 36% for Barack Obama. This is consistent with previous Arkansas polls, if not more favorable to McCain; meaning it is probably safe to say that our six electoral votes will be casts for John McCain. But you know what, let’s all go vote anyway. It will be interesting to see how this lead will effect the local Republican candidates around the state.

Also of note is that the survey reflects that Proposed Initiated Act 1 that would prevent anyone who is cohabitating outside of a valid marriage from adopting or fostering a child is opposed by 55% and Proposed Amendment 3 to establish a state run lottery is preferred by 65% of those surveyed. It sounds like our Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter has done a good job using his office to promote his agenda. We will see if Family Council can turn this around in less than two weeks.

You can study the complete survey at the University’s website for additional interesting items such as 54% of Arkansans say they would have voted for Hillary Clinton and that 20% of Arkansas believe Barack Obama is a Muslim.

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