Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Rock Political Visits: Hillary and Haley

Several blogs are reporting that Hillary Clinton is coming to Little Rock next Friday evening, October 10. Reportedly, she will speak at a rally for Barack Obama at 5:00 on the steps of the state capital. It will be interesting to see how enthusiastic her support will be. Will she be able to close Obama's current nine point deficit as Rasmussen reports? It looks like she is going to give it the old college try.

In Republican news, Gov. Haley Barbour spoke at a closed door fundraiser for the Republican Arkansas Victory 2008. It was a $250 lunch event at the Little Rock Club with an optional $1,000 photo op. If you are wondering why you have not heard anything about it, it is because it was a closed press event. I am hopeful that the Republicans will soon host a public rally similar to Clinton’s appearance next week instead of closed door fundraisers. But then again, what I know about politics.

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