Friday, October 31, 2008

Democrat - Gazette endorses David McCoy for State Representative

Today, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (subscription required) endorsed David McCoy for State Representative District 28 (Benton area). The article states, “Any district in the state would be proud to have either of these candidates representing them in Little Rock, but David McCoy has a clear edge-his experience.” The article describes McCoy's experience as a lawyer, with small business, in the ministry, and as an administrative law judge and makes the case of how this experience perfectly prepares him to serve as a state legislator.

It concludes by stating, “But when it came to making our choice in this race, what weighed heaviest with us was David McCoy’s sense of right and wrong, and his ability to boil down an oh-so-complex issue into a statement even we could understand. Discussing the pros and cons of having the state go into the lottery business, he pointed out the essential flaw in the whole idea. “I think that it teaches you can get something for nothing.” And, we found ourselves thinking as his wisdom slowly dawned on us, it really does, doesn’t it? It would be nice to have a state representative who could cut through an oh-so-complicated issue and get right to the moral core of it. Arkansas needs more legislators who not only have basic principles but are unafraid to follow them.”

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