Friday, October 17, 2008

Battle of the Blogs: Brantley v. Griffin

Max “What We Need Is Another Great Depression” Brantley fired a shot today at former U.S. Attorney and fellow conservative Arkansas blogger Tim Griffin. Brantley defends the ACORN voter fraud by saying that the real scandal is “the barriers thrown up against easier voting.” He goes on to write, “You need not guess which party works hardest at disenfranchisement. Tim G., anyone?”

Tim Griffin wastes no time responding to this charge on his blog, “The Griffin Room.” Griffin writes, “For the record, never in my life, never, ever, have I ever worked to keep anyone from exercising their right to vote. Never. I have obviously seen all the "caging" allegations spread by you and primarily Greg Palast. In fact, I am working on an awesome "investigative report" of my own on this precise issue, detailing how a lie became legend because of folks like you.”

Brantley is trying to use a classic tactic of distracting from the current ACORN scandal by trying to fling some mud on the other side. Good for Griffin for standing up against it. Check your facts, Max!

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