Thursday, October 2, 2008

“Barracuda” Palin Takes a Bite out of Biden, Gosh Darn It!

Sarah Palin looked nervous at first but quickly found her footing after about ten minutes into the debate. I believe this took place when Joe Biden scolded her for not responding to his accusation that McCain supported deregulation and instead discussed the need to cut taxes. She refused to fall into his trap and said that she “may not answer the question he wants or the moderator wants” but instead she “will be speaking straight to the American people.”

Palin hammered home the point that McCain has consistently called for reform of the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac long before the current problems. She continued hitting the point that it is “nonsensical” to talk about becoming energy independent without letting the country produce the energy we need. Biden would flash a smirk every time Palin would make a strong point, the type of smirk guys tend to make to belittle the lady who is talking. I think that is going to come back to haunt him. Biden said that people are saying “Drill. Drill. Drill. But we will not see a drop of oil for the next ten years.” Palin corrected him that the chant is “Drill, Baby, Drill. And we are hearing it from people all over the country.”

Biden said he support same sex benefits for gay couples. Palin said she would not support this if it lead to a redefinition of marriage but she would be tolerant to everyone’s beliefs and support each individuals right. They ended by saying they agree on this but obviously they don’t.

On to Iraq, Palin said that the surge is working and that we need to do whatever we have to do to make sure we win in Iraq. Biden countered that he and Obama have a plan for a sixteen month draw down and this is a fundamental difference. Palin said that their plan is a “white flag of surrender.” Biden responds with another big smirk. They went on to discuss Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Bosnia, Darfur and other foreign policy issues. Palin displayed her knowledge on the issues and even discussed her meeting with Kissinger. Biden continued to try to tie the policies of McCain to the policies of Bush. I believe Biden is tryed too hard to oversell his points on this. Palin looked a bit nervous but she is came on strong with good solid answers.

Biden would have had a successful debate if Bush had been his opponent but someone should have told him he is not on the ticket. Palin said, “Say to ain’t so, Joe. Gosh darn it. There you go looking back again.” Biden said “Every major decision Obama makes, I will be sitting in the room.” Biden goes on the say, “McCain has been a maverick but he has not been a maverick on the issues that genuinely effect the real issues of people’s lives.”

I think Palin clearly won this debate by showing her knowledge on the issues, which the media was doubting leading into the debate. She came across as a genuine person to whom people can relate. Biden tried very hard to tie McCain to Bush and really spent most of the night trying to get this point across while making faces whenever Palin made a good point. My take - Palin wins!

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Lauren said...

I agree! Palin did awesome. I'm too tired to go into details, but glad to see another conservative blogger.