Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Second Night - Convention in Full Swing

The Convention is now in full swing. You could feel the excitement among the delegates before the opening gavel ever started. We got to the Xcel Center early enough to explore the Fox News Experience. They have a huge tent set up where you check out their on air set. We got to meet Carl Rove and Greta Van Susteran. And we were even interviewed on the air. For those interested, I will be signing autographs when I get back home. We then entered the Xcel Center and settled into our seats for the evening.

The second night the delegates where decked out in traditional Convention attire with elephant sunglasses, tall Uncle Sam hat, and homemade signs. Everyone was ready for some exciting speeches and we were not disappointed. Joining the delegates in attendance were former President George HW Bush and Barbara Bush who sat with Cindy McCain during the Convention. Laura Bush took the stage again to introduce President Bush was spoke to use via satellite. President Bush told the delegates that McCain has proven he is “ready to lead the nation.” Next, Sen. Fred Thompson took the stage and fired up the crowd. Thompson’s speech was the red meat for the Party and had everyone on their feet. Thompson told us that for Sen. McCain “protecting the lives of the unborn is not above his pay grade.” Sen. Joe Lieberman wrapped up the evening talking mainly to the independent and undecided voters watching on television. Lieberman said, “I’m here to support John McCain because country matters more than party.”

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