Monday, September 1, 2008

Republican Convention's Short Opening Session

Today, I attended my first Republican National Convention. We brought down the gavel and convened the 39th Republican Convention. We mainly took care of business but also addressed Hurricane Gustav. We officially approved our delegates, our committee members, and our chairman. We then took an hour break so that the committee’s could officially meet. We reconvened and heard and approved their reports. One highlight of these parliamentary procedures was approving the 2008 Republican Party Platform. As the Platform Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin McCarthy said, the Platform is “not wordy but it is bold.” They managed to shorten the language and still keep are core beliefs such as our strong unapologetic support for the sanctity of human life.

The highlight of this afternoon’s session was first lady Laura Bush and our next first lady Cindy McCain who spoke about the Hurricane Gustav relief efforts. Laura Bush was received by the Convention with applause that seemed to last forever. There was no doubt that she is still very popular. She introduced the five Governors from the Gulf States affected by the hurricane – Texas Governor Rick Perry, Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour – who spoke via video. Understandably, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was too busy to speak. Cindy McCain then joined Laura Bush on the stage and encouraged everyone to donate to help the relief effort. Watching Mrs. McCain on stage with Mrs. Bush, I could not help but think what a wonderful First Lady Mrs. McCain will make.

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